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Commercial Waste

General waste

Our general waste service is second to none. We collect from all types of businesses and have over 3,800 satisfied customers who are already saving money and time from using our service. We'll take care of all the waste your business produces and as 95 per cent of the waste we collect is diverted from landfill to generate fuel, you'll also benefit from better green credentials.

Service features

Our general waste service offers:

  • Collections up to five days per week, Monday to Friday (dependent on location)

  • Bin sizes ranging from 240 litres to 1,280 litres

  • General waste bins that accept most types of waste

  • Sack collections if you have no space for a bin

  • Option to combine our general waste collection service with a recycling bin. This helps you to separate your waste so you can manage it better

  • A free waste audit. This means we can tailor our service to the needs of your business. We'll look at the type of waste you want to dispose of, how many bins you'll need, what sizes they need to be and how many collections you require each week.

What we can collect

We can collect most types of general waste, including:
  • Black bin liner rubbish
  • Food
  • Garden waste
  • Recyclables
No thank you:
  • Soil and rubble
  • Building waste
  • Liquids
  • Chemicals
  • Hazardous waste
  • Paint cans


This table shows prices per collection:

Daily collections, up to five days each week (Monday to Friday)

General waste (green bins)

Size Charge per collection Number of full bin bags Volume (H x W x D) Preview
240L £5.97 1 to 4 42" x 23" x 28" View 240L bin
360L £8.48 5 to 6 43" x 24" x 34" View 360L bin
660L £12.83 7 to 14 52" x 50" x 29" View 660L bin
1,100L £19.72 15 to 20 54" x 50" x 39" View 1,100L bin
1,280L £23.35 21 to 23 56" x 50" x 39" View 1,280L bin

Collections – weekly, fortnightly or 4-weekly

General waste (60 litre waste sacks) – for properties that have no space for a bin

Charge per sackSacks per rollRoll costDimensions
£3.2325£80.6944cm x 75cm x 91cm

Where our general waste goes

Mixed waste is delivered to a waste transfer station where it is put onto a conveyor belt to remove materials that can be recycled, such as wood and plastic. Any of the waste that has a high energy content, such as paper, textiles or non-recyclable wood, is used to create refuse derived fuel (RDF). This is used to create energy at sustainable energy plants. The remainder of the waste is turned into a solid recovered fuel (SRF) for heating cement kilns.

Why use us?

“Since opening the Flemingate Centre in Beverley, I've been delighted in the support and rapid response we've received from the ERYC Commercial Waste team. From initial on-site visits to advise on what could be achieved to the individually tailored packages offered to tenants, the service has been both professional and personal. I can't recommend them highly enough”

Graham Tait - Centre Manager - Flemingate