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Food waste

Welcoming our latest service, food waste collections, if your business produces food waste our new service may be just the service you are looking for. We can offer weekly collections in many areas across the East Riding. The food waste we collect is fully composted locally and would be quite an exciting addition to your green credentials.

Service features

Our food waste service offers:

  • Weekly collections of food waste in many areas, fortnightly collections in rural areas

  • Small, easy-to-store and manoeuvre 180 litre bin

  • Provision of 1 x large caddy with extras available to purchase if required

  • Provision of 1 x roll of large caddy liners, further rolls can be purchased as and when required

  • May help to reduce your general waste bin size once utilised

  • A free waste audit if you prefer a face-to-face consultation. We can look at your waste disposal needs and see if the inclusion of a food waste bin may be able to reduce the size of your general waste bins.

What we can collect

We can collect most types of food waste, including:
  • teabags, coffee grounds, egg shells and small cooked bones
No thank you:
  • Garden waste
  • Oil
  • Cardboard
  • Food packaging
  • Compostable food packaging
  • Plastic bags


  • 1 x 180L brown food waste only bin - weekly collections £5.50 per collection per bin

  • Provision of 1 x large caddy and 1 x starter roll of caddy liners provided free of charge with bin delivery

  • Replacement or extra caddies - 23litres - £11.40 each

  • Further rolls of 26 caddy liners - 25 Litres - £2.66 each.

Where our food waste goes

The exciting part, all our food waste is fully composted locally, using methods that can turn food waste into compost within weeks – hence the reasoning behind no compostable food packaging as this does not compost down quickly enough. Some of this compost is then given back to the public via the compost giveaways the East Riding of Yorkshire Council host at different sites throughout the county each year.

“Since opening the Flemingate Centre in Beverley, I've been delighted in the support and rapid response we've received from the ERYC Commercial Waste team. From initial on-site visits to advise on what could be achieved to the individually tailored packages offered to tenants, the service has been both professional and personal. I can't recommend them highly enough”

Graham Tait - Centre Manager - Flemingate